Bridging the Gap: Supporting Women in the Waste Industry Beyond the Capitals

As we transition from February into March, Women’s History Month – punctuated by the vital International Women’s Day, it becomes increasingly important to spotlight and tackle the unique challenges faced by women in the waste industry, particularly those situated in regional areas. The waste industry, pivotal to our environmental sustainability efforts, has seen a significant […]

Understanding the New Waste Levy Exemptions for MRFs in Queensland

Recent legislative changes in Queensland have reshaped the landscape for Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). These changes, which came into effect on December 8th, have significant implications for waste levy exemptions relating to MRF waste. The Legislative Shift and Its Impact Previously, MRFs in Queensland had to apply for a waste levy exemption and meet specific […]

3 Big Client wins at Resource Hub in November!

As 2024 draws to a close, we took some time to chat to the team about what they’ve been working on lately and what BIG WINS they’ve delivered for their clients in 2024. Kylie Olden, Data & Finance Administrator “At the moment, I’m doing three data governance pieces, one for Douglas Shire Council, one for […]

6 Tips To Help You Submit a Successful NSW Operational Purpose Deduction (OPDs)

Hello everyone! Today, we dive deep into the intricacies of New South Wales Operational Purpose Deductions (OPDs) – the waste living exemptions commonly claimed for landfill facilities and other scheduled waste facilities. With a surge in interest and queries, especially from the EPA New South Wales, it’s crucial to grasp the essentials of this topic. […]

Understanding Transportable Waste Deduction Audits in New South Wales

G’day everyone! If you’re involved in waste management and resource recovery in New South Wales (NSW), then you’re probably familiar with the latest buzz – the transportable waste deduction audits requested by the EPA NSW. There’s been a surge in questions and concerns regarding these audits, and today, we’re here to shed some light on […]

Is it Time to Refresh Your Gatehouse Operator Training? 5 Reasons Why Staying Up to Date with Best Practices is Essential

In Australia’s rapidly evolving waste and resource recovery industry, one element that often goes overlooked is the need for ongoing gatehouse operator training. While technology and best practices continue to evolve, many facilities persist with outdated training protocols, leaving operators potentially ill-equipped for the modern challenges of waste management. For those sitting on the fence […]

The A-Z of the Australian Resource Recovery Industry: A Glossary for Industry Professionals

The resource recovery industry in Australia plays a crucial role in managing and minimising the environmental impact of waste generated by our modern society. From recycling and waste treatment to landfill management and sustainability initiatives, this industry is diverse and constantly evolving. As a waste industry professional or someone aspiring to enter this field, understanding […]

How investing in Admin can turn into big wins for your facility

Managing waste management facilities comes with a myriad of challenges and costs, and it’s essential to address the often-neglected administrative side of operations. While it may not seem glamorous, investing in administrative functions can lead to significant savings, streamlined processes, and improved decision-making. In this article, we’ll explore why underinvesting in administrative operations can result […]

Navigating Regulatory Responses: A DIY Guide for Facilities and Operators

As the financial year draws to a close, regulatory audits conducted by authorities like the New South Wales EPA and Queensland Department of Environment and Science are wrapping up. For facilities and operators planning to DIY, preparing regulatory responses can be a daunting task. The key to success lies in understanding what information regulators require […]

How to Streamline and Enhance Mass Balance in Waste Management

In the waste management industry, Mass Balance refers to the accounting and tracking of materials entering and leaving a facility or system. It is a fundamental concept used to quantify and monitor the flow of waste, recyclables, and by-products within the system. How much waste or material is actually on the floor of your site […]