National Recycling Week 2020 – That’s a Wrap

We know that it’s one thing to deliver waste education and it’s quite another thing to design a behaviour change intervention, gather data throughout its delivery and evaluate its effectiveness after the fact. This is what we set out to do for National Recycling Week 2020.We ran a behaviour change experiment campaign to demonstrate the […]

Defrauded Facilities: The $400,000 Question

During 2018, I undertook an operational assessment and governance review for an Australian waste management facility operator to prepare for broad ranging industry changes. Fraud Case StudyThis was one of the 163 waste facilities assessed in a case study that spanned just over 12 months. The nature of the facilities assessed was broad. It included […]

Defrauded Facilities: The Fraud Types

As a CPA qualified industry consultant, in 2018 I undertook what turned out to be a case study into fraud across the waste management industry, looking specifically at front end operations at landfills, transfer stations and tip shops. Fraud, the “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain”, comes in many […]