A month in the life of Resource Hub

We often get asked about our regular, repeatable work that we do for our clients, and about how we can help facilities, councils or commercial clients. For those who are keen to understand what we actually do every day here at Resource Hub, here’s a quick lowdown. We offer a number of services, from consulting […]

Standardising approaches for the Waste Industry across Australia

Don't we all do things the same way, thoughts on standardising approaches across the waste industry in Australia

In the past 3 months, I have hit the road and the air! I’ve been to Emerald and Moranbah in QLD, off to SA to visit 4 facilities, out to the Southern Downs Region and soon to Moreton Bay.  We’ve been to Lockyer out on site at Gatton, to a conference in Yeppoon, a quick […]

Why we love knowledge sharing

Unpacking the value of knowledge sharing

A few years ago, Lacey was lucky enough to present a  a WARR best practice workshop for the Hunter Joint Organisation of councils, Hunter JO, with Mandalay. With 7 attending councils represented in the group, the workshop comprised 2 days of improving understanding of waste levy reporting obligations and how these affect operations, in addition to gatehouse best practice. This and other workshops have developed into the backbone for the sessions that Resource […]

When disaster hits – 5 things to prepare for

The 2019 Townsville floods were fast moving and meant an unprecedented disaster for not just Townsville, but the entire region. In preparation for this year’s fast approaching disaster season, in this article our Director Lacey Webb looks back at some key takeaways from the 2019 Townsville flood response on the ground and chats to Andrew […]

The challenges of operating across multiple states

Last month we had the opportunity to support a specialist waste facility operator to enter a new market, while also helping another to standardise processes across multiple states. One of the areas of support that the new market entry needed was in clarifying the requirements that different states in Australia have in key areas of […]