Accounting for Waste Management – Our Top 3 Tips

Recently, Resource Hub was lucky enough to have the opportunity to support a Regional Council with preparation of their landfill provision journals as well as full cost price modelling. It was really interesting to see the different approaches taken in local government and the commercial sector when it comes to accounting for landfill airspace and […]

Victorians! Let’s talk about the Waste Tracker – free factsheet included

We’ve created a free Waste Tracker Factsheet to guide you through everything you may need to know. It’s right below, so click the link to download yours! Any big changes can be accompanied with equally big confusion, and for Victorian Facilities, some big changes have taken effect from the 1st of July in relation to […]

Auditing in waste – It’s not all bin diving.

At Resource Hub we use the word AUDIT a lot, but we don’t mean waste characterisation, or “bin diving”. A waste bin audit is a very specific type of assessment and it’s usually what people think of when someone says ‘waste audit’. You might think of this as bin diving or bin rummaging, imagining little […]

Data regulatory services that really pay off

How confident are you that you’re paying the right amount of waste levy each month? We just saved a Queensland waste facility from paying $5,000 more than necessary on their latest levy return. The Resource Hub team supports facilities to better “own their waste administration” when it comes to Waste Levy, as the reality is […]

Defrauded Facilities: The $400,000 Question

During 2018, I undertook an operational assessment and governance review for an Australian waste management facility operator to prepare for broad ranging industry changes. Fraud Case StudyThis was one of the 163 waste facilities assessed in a case study that spanned just over 12 months. The nature of the facilities assessed was broad. It included […]

Defrauded Facilities: The Fraud Types

As a CPA qualified industry consultant, in 2018 I undertook what turned out to be a case study into fraud across the waste management industry, looking specifically at front end operations at landfills, transfer stations and tip shops. Fraud, the “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain”, comes in many […]

EOFY & Waste Levy Challenges

As we near the end of the financial year, a common topic of conversation in the industry is the change in levy rates across the country. The timing of these changes impact Councils, commercial operators and the community alike and many decisions are made with waste disposal costs as a contributing factor.  In Queensland, an additional […]