The Lord Mayors Business Awards – what being nominated meant to us

It’s the end of another year – the end of our first FULL year in business – and what a year for Resource Hub! Covid provided some challenges, as it did for everyone, and we keenly felt the impact of being a brand new business with other brand affiliations that impacted the industry’s perception of […]

We are Resource Hub, and we solve your rubbish problems.

Being a start-up can come with its challenges when it comes to effectively articulating why we do what we do, what services we offer our clients, and what our focuses are. We think that we have nailed it in this short 1:30 min video. If we were to boil it down to a couple paragraphs, […]

National Recycling Week: An experiment in behaviour change

For National Recycling Week 2020, we are launching an experiment – a micro behaviour change program – to highlight the importance of testing and measuring education and behaviours change programs specific to the resource recovery space. And this got me thinking about what those WHY’s are and what we actually want to achieve as an […]

Three checks for recyclability.

When you go out for takeaway food, there are a myriad of materials that your food may come wrapped in. The main materials tend to be plastic, paperboard, paper, aluminium or some combination of these. Have you ever stood at the general and recycling bins dumbfounded as to which bin to put your takeaway food […]

Takeaway food and waste. How eco-conscious is your takeaway food packaging?

Blog 1 of the ‘takeaway food packaging’ series. Let’s talk about takeaway food packaging. Have you noticed that more takeaway packaging has been appearing in your home or workplace since the COVID-19 lockdown? My disposable coffee cup consumption has skyrocketed since I haven’t been able to buy coffee in my reusable Keep Cup. I also […]

Compostable plastic. How to identify it and what bin to put it in.

Compostable plastic takeaway food packaging and bags have become more and more commonplace as we opt for convenience and businesses take strides to be more environmentally conscious. There are two main ‘eco’ plastics items that have been popping up a lot in my world lately. The first is takeaway packaging and the second is compostable […]